General Information

About the Endangered Fishes
The Upper Colorado River Basin is home to 14 native fish species, including the endangered humpback chub, bonytail, Colorado pikeminnow, and razorback sucker. These endangered fish are found only in the Colorado River system.

About the Recovery Program
Established in 1988, the Recovery Program is a unique partnership of local, state, and federal agencies, water and power interests, and environmental groups working to recover endangered fish in the Upper Colorado River Basin while water development proceeds in accordance with federal and state laws and interstate compacts.

Recovery Program Elements
The Recovery Program implements management actions within seven major program elements to achieve recovery of the endangered fishes.

Recovery Program Data
Information collected and archived by the Recovery Program includes biological records, river temperature data, aerial photography, channel cross-sectional surveys, and sediment transport studies.

Program Partners
The Recovery Program’s success is a direct result of the active commitment and participation of its partners who fully participate in developing and implementing management actions leading toward delisting of the endangered Colorado River fishes.

General Program Publications
The Recovery Program produces a variety of publications to raise awareness about the endangered fishes and efforts to recover them.